WorkPlace Impact, Menguin, and Silly Silly Sears

Another week, another podcast! Need a little inspiration as you sit in the cubicle glaring at a sea of spreadsheets? You picked a great show to download, because our guests this week are a couple of the top entrepreneurs in the industry.

Tim McCarthy of WorkPlace Impact visits with us this week about his unique approach to today’s marketing. WPI targets consumers in the workplace via personal and fun relationships with businesses. His fresh look at marketing in the digital age is motivating for any aspiring entrepreneur.

Speaking of a fresh look, we sit down with Bogdan Constantin of Menguin. Menguin has revolutionized the tuxedo/suit rental industry by providing a fluid online process and superior customer service. You’ll love hearing Bogdan’s story, and what it takes to meet the need of today’s consumer as you bring new businesses to the masses.

What’s in the news? What are retailers and suppliers talking about around the water cooler this week? Oh, it’s absolutely amazing when you take time to listen:

  • Walmart vs. Amazon: I see your technology, and raise you with shipping.
  • The National Retail Federation has good things to report on April sales.
  • Brick and mortar isn’t so bad…maybe online isn’t “all that.”
  • And then, there was Sears…oh, Sears…we love it when the retailers practically write the jokes for us!

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