Workplace Harassment: Your Rights and Responsibilities

We see the extremes in the headlines every day, but for our workplace, what constitutes “harassment?” It’s a hot topic that retail and supplier Human Resource departments deal with each week. Many investigations conducted by HR will come down to two common factors: abuse of power and poor judgment. On this week’s podcast, we turn the focus from the headlines to our own offices and discuss workplace harassment from the rights of the victim to the responsibility of the company.

Our special guest this week is Richard Levin of Hall Estill Attorneys at Law. Richard joins us in the studio to talk through what victims need to know about their rights as an employee. We also get his expertise on what companies of all sizes must do to ensure their workplaces are non-hostile. Some of his advice we dive into during our conversation includes:

  • What a victim of harassment needs to do when feeling pressured in their workplace.
  • Steps to take if you don’t feel your complaint will be taken seriously.
  • The law and retaliation against victims.
  • Responsibilities of leaders and team leads.
  • What every company needs to know about being legally compliant.

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