When Walmart Ditched “Good Enough” — DallasNews.com

Walmart’s new attitude has had a huge impact on store performance and customer satisfaction:

“Walmart veteran JP Suarez, in an onstage interview Tuesday morning with Dallas retail real estate mogul Herb Weitzman, recounted how the prevailing view was that its stores and groceries were ‘good enough.’

Walmart thought its low prices and big supercenters were ‘great’ and everything else — including strawberries that had to be eaten that day, employees with little training and the process for in-store pick up of online orders — was ‘good enough,’ he said.”

P.S. Walmart has bloomed under Doug McMillon’s leadership. “Good enough” wasn’t good enough for Walmart, and it isn’t good enough for your supplier business. Our experts can help you make your company everything it should be.  Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation.

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