We Get BUICED with Ray Doustdar!

Looking for a podcast to help you burn more calories in the office? Burn that first one by clicking here! Yes, we have news and information about the supplier world, but our first priority is you. Along with the latest in mergers, acquisitions, and retail folly, we have tips this week on revitalizing your energy from the cubicle slump.

You’ve seen the great Ray Doustdar on TV talking about the benefits of proper vitamin nutrition and juicing. Ray joins us this week to talk about his liquid vitamin supplement Buiced! His entrepreneur story is inspiring, and it led him to a healthier lifestyle, a successful business, and now a new opportunity with Walmart.com.

The learning doesn’t stop with us…it’s growing in the machines we use every day! At the recent Trends in Technology Conference, we had a chance to visit with Rix Ryskamp of UseAIble. Rix is an expert in the area of machine learning and provides interesting insight into how machines are being programmed to adapt, much like humans, when given tasks. We’ll visit with Rix and see where machine learning is headed in the next few years.

Plus, we’ll have a look at a few stories fresh off the press:

  • Many consumers are part of a marketing loyalty program. What makes them successful?
  • Delivery is becoming the industry standard. Move over, Walmart and Amazon…Sam’s Club is scooting up to the table!
  • QVC has been doing some shopping…some home shopping for Home Shopping.

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