Walmart’s OTIF Updates Include New Delivery Window for RDCs

Walmart’s On Time In Full (OTIF) continues to evolve! On this week’s podcast, we take a look at recent updates Walmart has rolled out to suppliers and examine other factors that may drive supply chain costs up in 2018.

We first go over Walmart’s recent announcement of updating delivery options for its RDCs. If you haven’t heard yet, this can be a great relief depending on your category. The new option will give some suppliers more flexibility and hopefully drive down potential penalties.

Our special guest this week is Colby Beland, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for CaseStack. Colby discusses more changes in OTIF that have rolled out from Walmart, but he also goes deeper into challenges suppliers will face this year.

Colby examines supply chain from end to end and discusses how recent events and changes in regulations can drive up costs. Also, we’ll discuss the reality of capacity in the supply chain, and how it impacts what your company will be paying to try and meet the Walmart deadlines.

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