Walmart’s Money Transfers Saves Consumers $1 Billion —

Walmart’s money transfer services have saved consumers $1 billion since 2014:

“Today, Walmart is announcing that consumers who have used these low-cost, innovative money transfer platforms since 2014 have saved an estimated $1 billion in total costs* due to Walmart’s Every Day Low Price Strategy, which has increased competition and helped reduce consumer costs across the money transfer industry. Walmart is also announcing the next step in its commitment to help customers save on money transfers by creating, in collaboration with MoneyGram and Ria, its money transfer principals, an international money transfer marketplace serving all 4,700 U.S. Walmart stores.”

P.S. Walmart wants to be a full-service retailer by providing affordable, convenient financial services. If you are trying to navigate the “new” Walmart, know that 8th & Walton’s experts can help. Book a consultation today.

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