Walmart’s Emergency Operation Center During COVID-19 —

Walmart’s Emergency Operation Center has been operating on high-alert since the pandemic started, and many of its employees are now working from home:

“A typical day at the EOC, if there is such a thing, associates will get about 250 calls, ranging from questions about HR protocols to associate health concerns to anticipated weather issues. But this isn’t a typical day. These aren’t typical days. Typical now for the EOC is a more virtual world, with associates like Lucas and others who would be at the EOC nerve center at the Home Office now scattered to their very own home offices.”

P.S. Walmart has a strong track record of serving communities during emergencies and disasters. 8th & Walton experts stand ready to assist your supplier business at this time. We also offer web-based classes that can get you, and your staff, up to speed.


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