Walmart’s Sustainability Vision: Zero Plastic Waste


At the recent WalStreet Fireside Chat, Walmart sharpened its focus on sustainability for itself and suppliers.

Laura Phillips, SVP for Global Sustainability at Walmart, detailed plans for the company to achieve zero plastic waste by 2025 through private label improvements, supplier accountability, and customer education. According to Phillips, plastic waste is becoming a great concern for shoppers. Less than 14% of plastic is recycled, with the remainder ending up in landfills and other areas in the environment. Walmart recognizes its responsibility to reduce plastic waste and is initiating aggressive goals.

Our guest on the podcast this week is one of the attendees of the Fireside Chat. Jeff Clapper, President and CEO of 8th & Walton, steps into the studio to bring Walmart Suppliers up to speed on what was announced, what changes to expect, and how 8th & Walton can help you improve your supply chain to meet Walmart’s goals.

In our discussion, Jeff outlines the big takeaways from the meeting for Walmart Suppliers:

  • New expectations for suppliers producing Walmart’s private label goods
  • The impact of online shopping on reverse logistics and the increased waste
  • How the initiative of sustainability went from just good PR to proven sales growth
  • Sustainability conversations Walmart is encouraging suppliers to bring to their buyers
  • What customers are saying online about wasteful retailers
  • How 8th & Walton can support suppliers in this initiative by simply clicking here

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