Walmart to Test Robotic Fry Cooks — Yahoo! Finance

We recently reported that Walmart is testing robotic floor cleaners in some of its stores. Now we learn that Walmart is also testing a robotic fry cook:

“In practice, a Walmart associate would place a frozen product on the rack. Using visual recognition technology, Flippy identifies the food in the basket and sets it in the cooking oil. The machine then “agitates” the basket by shaking it to make sure the product cooks evenly. When the food is finished cooking, Flippy moves the basket to the drip rack. An associate then tests the food’s internal temperature. A few minutes later, the associate can season the food before it hits the hot display case.”

P.S. As Walmart “outsources” everyday tasks to robotic workers, human associates will have more time to sell your products. Are you working with Walmart effectively so that associates know how to present your products to customers? Get in touch with our experts today to schedule a consultation.

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