Walmart Takes Lead in Refrigerated Pizza Category —

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Prepared foods are big business these days, and Walmart is leading in one category: Refrigerated Pizza. Walmart customers are thrilled to be able to pick up a freshly-made pizza for heating up at home:

Wal-Mart shows great understanding for the purchase occasion for refrigerated pizza. Its massive, high visibility displays placed in the perimeter capture shoppers’ attention as a good option for a convenient, same-day meal. Beverages are also often at hand to complete the meal purchase. The large assortment of topping and crust options meet most popular consumer preferences, making a quick purchase decision fairly easy. And, the packaging often features cross-promotion with characters and movies, such as Marvel’s Avengers.

Supplier Takeaway

Refrigerated meals bridge the quality gap between frozen and made-from-scratch foodstuffs. If you are a food supplier, are you considering expanding into this category?

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