Walmart Supports COVID-19 Testing Efforts —

Walmart parking lots are being used to provide “drive-through” testing for COVID-19 in first responders and health care professionals:

“The sites are staffed by HHS and others, like our pharmacists, who raised their hands to support the testing in these locations. We have worked closely with public healthcare officials to prioritize the health and safety of our associates and those visiting our parking lots. Those volunteering will be equipped with proper protective equipment, and all patients will be required to remain in their cars at all times. As these two pilot locations begin testing, we know that they will help us better understand how we can best support and supplement state efforts moving forward.”

P.S. Walmart is committed to supporting the communities it serves. Learn how you can work with Walmart in ways that support its social compliance efforts while also boosting your sales and profits. Visit our website to learn about our online live course options as well as our consultancy services.

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