Walmart’s Out-of-Stock Root Cause Dashboard


The 2019 Walmart Supplier Summit is days away! As the supplier community speculates on new announcements, one is almost certain: changes to Walmart’s On Time In Full (OTIF) initiative.

Walmart has launched various supplier tools to help support OTIF. One that has created a lot of chatter lately is the Out-of-Stock Root Cause Dashboard. 8th & Walton’s Terry Clear has been working with suppliers to better understand the dashboard and joins the podcast this week. As the name suggests, this dashboard does much more than report on out-of-stocks.

In our conversation with Terry, we ask:

  • Where can Walmart Supplies find the dashboard?
  • How does it work to trace out-of-stocks?
  • What is the biggest question suppliers have about using the dashboard?
  • How can Walmart Suppliers effectively use the dashboard in their planning?
  • What does this dashboard do besides simply report out-of-stocks?
  • How is the Out-of-Stock Root Cause Dashboard being incorporated into future classes?

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