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The demand for top tech talent is leading Walmart to Ivy League schools in hopes of recruiting the best and brightest:

“But such moves won’t matter much in the long run if the company’s culture doesn’t change. To that end, Wal-Mart overhauled its campus recruiting program this year to lure more applicants from top-flight colleges: students who typically juggle offers from Google and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Historically, Wal-Mart found most of its entry-level executives at state schools within a day’s drive from its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas.”

Supplier Takeaway: Another Culture Shift at Walmart?

As the article states, Walmart hasn’t always searched for Ivy League talent. In fact, the retailer was known for offering opportunity to anyone who was willing to work hard, regardless of which tier their university degree (if they had one) came from.

This development is important on several fronts: First, it indicates that Walmart is absolutely committed to competing with Amazon’s top-flight tech team. Secondly, however, there is also the possibility that Walmart is considering a branding shift from the inside-out: Could it be that Walmart wants consumers of its newly-acquired e-commerce properties (, Bonobos, and ModCloth) to identify more strongly with Walmart as a corporation and not just its well-known chain of discount stores?

If this change in recruiting tactics is an indication of internal culture and branding shifts at Walmart, there’s a huge opportunity for suppliers opening up. As we’ve said before at Walmart News Now, review your assortment and brands and consider what might be a good match for Walmart’s new demographic. Partnering with Walmart in this new era can be a ticket to success for both your business and Walmart itself.

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