The Walmart Planning Calendar! What’s Your FYE 2020 Vision?


This week’s podcast comes with two free tools:

There’s good news and bad news for the next fiscal year, and we’re helping you plan for it all on this week’s show. Chris Koerner, 8th & Walton’s Vice President of Supplier Solutions, joins us in the studio for an in-depth look at the Walmart Planning Calendar.

In our conversation with Chris, we discuss:

  • How he used the Walmart planning calendar in his work as a supplier
  • What key dates and events all suppliers should forecast around each year
  • Steps to take in planning for the shorter holiday shopping season (SPOILER ALERT! We have a late Thanksgiving in 2019!)
  • Other holiday flips to build business around well in advance
  • How far out the analyst on your team needs to plan
  • Other basics of using the Walmart Planning Calendar

You can’t succeed without a plan, and you can’t plan without a calendar! Take the first step by downloading this one for free. Then, let our team of experts help with your FYE 2020 Vision!

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