Walmart Moves Into Entertainment Streaming —

Walmart is teaming up with MGM to create original programming through its VUDU service:

“Who knows exactly if family-friendly comedy is indicative of the direction of the new streaming service, but this first offering in development aligns with the middle America mainstream Walmart brand. Time will tell as they begin to build a slate, go into production, and eventually re-launch the VUDU service, if it ends up even keeping that name in the end. Only one thing that is for sure right now: getting into streaming this late in the game is going to require an identity and they don’t have the head start that Amazon, Hulu, Netflix had to figure it out. At least streaming newcomer Apple has a coolness factor strongly built into the brand, but will also still need to stamp it’s programming.”

P.S. Walmart strives to be a one-stop shopping experience in multiple niches, including financial products, health and wellness, and streaming entertainment. Do you see new possibilities for your supplier business? Talk them over with one of our experts. Get in touch and schedule a consultation today.

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