Walmart Expands Path Forward Program —

Walmart is expanding its Path Forward program, a project that seeks to reintegrate women and men who have left the workforce to provide care to family members:

“Similar to last year, the program will be open to women and men who have at least five years of professional experience and who took a career pause of at least two years for caregiving. This unique “returnship” program places an emphasis on learning and development and the gaining (and retraining) of skills, such as software engineering, product development, and more. In addition to dedicated professional development workshops, participants will have access to networking opportunities across the Walmart and Path Forward communities. After completing the four-month program, qualified candidates may also apply for available full-time employment opportunities at Walmart.”

P.S. Returning workers can make huge contributions to your supplier business. Help get them up to speed by providing quality onboarding: Our Supplier Boot Camp will give them the knowledge they need to succeed in their new roles!

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