Changes, Challenges, and Just Beginning with Walmart E-Commerce

Technically, e-commerce has been with us for decades. So, why is it still so e-challenging? Backend processes, supply chain disruption, item setup, retailers managing sites differently, accurate reporting, just to name a few issues! Luckily for suppliers, getting a handle on Walmart’s system and expectations is as easy as checking out a new class and webinar E-Commerce: How to Succeed with Walmart.

This new class was designed and is taught by our guest this week, Lori Carter. Lori has a vast background in supplier data and analytics. She brings her expertise to the 8th & Walton classrooms each week and is helping suppliers do better business with

The E-Commerce: How to Succeed with Walmart class was specifically designed for the small to medium Walmart supplier that doesn’t know where to begin with e-commerce. Through the class, you’ll understand Walmart’s Supplier Center, loading an item, reporting, and the basics to manage your business for Walmart.

We also visit again with Joel Graham this week on Walmart’s new item setup process. Whether you need to learn the new structure or just want to have 8th & Walton set up your items for you, Joel and his team support suppliers each week to make the process seamless. We’ll discuss with Joel what suppliers are facing as they see the new steps for the first time and learn more about support options.

Do you already have products in Walmart or Sam’s Club and need help with reporting, OT&IF, or an up-coming line review? Our team of experts helps suppliers like you every week! Your first step in the journey is a click away. All you have to do is click here to let us know how we can reach you and we’ll make it happen.

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