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Rachel Brand Joins Walmart

Rachel Brand, the recently resigned Associate Attorney General for the U.S. Department of Justice, has joined Walmart as EVP, Global Governance and Corporate Secretary. According to a Walmart press release, Brand will be responsible for the company’s “. . .Legal, Global Ethics and Compliance and Global Investigation, Security, Aviation and Travel departments.”

P.S. Suppliers take note: Walmart is serious about compliance and is willing to hire top-flight talent to ensure that corporate and supplier operations get and stay in line. 8th & Walton’s Selling to Walmart class can give you and your team a strong understanding of Walmart’s emerging compliance culture.

Sam’s Club CEO On the Move

Sam’s Club CEO John Furner is on the move: Literally. A profile in Arkansas Online notes that the head of Walmart’s warehouse club division doesn’t mind walking across the parking lot if it means that a pregnant employee can make better use of what was once his reserved spot. He also spends his days wandering around his office, laptop tucked under his arm, ready to sit down next to an employee and learn what he or she is doing. It’s all part of his plan to transform Sam’s as it strives to compete with Costco, BJ’s, and online competitors.

P.S. Sam’s Club is busy reinventing itself along with the rest of the Bentonville empire. Whether you’ve been selling to Sam’s for awhile, or are just thinking about it, 8th & Walton’s Sam’s Club Item Setup, Dotcom & GDSN class answers your questions and helps you achieve a strong relationship with your buyer.

Strange Bedfellows: Target and Casper Team Up

Target isn’t planning to ghost the retail wars anytime soon. Instead, it has teamed up with Casper, an online mattress company. The partnership demonstrates the power of omnichannel approaches: Selling mattresses online can save on costs and represent convenience for customers.

Still, a mattress is a major purchase, one that impacts a consumer’s everyday life. By partnering with a brick and mortar seller, Casper offers potential buyers the opportunity to try out a mattress (just as they would at a standard mattress store) in a neighborhood Target. Meanwhile, Target gets more traffic into its store. A win-win indeed.

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Walmart’s Evolving Corporate Culture recently profiled Walmart as an object lesson in how to change a corporate culture. For years, Walmart was known as the low-price leader, and its human resources policies reflected the company’s commitment to thrift. Now, however, Walmart realizes that it isn’t just competing on price, it’s competing for talent. That means major changes from the home office on down.

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