Walmart Commits to Chicago —

Walmart has re-committed to its presence in Chicago after recent social unrest:

“We have reflected on recent events and decided we want to stay. And not just stay, but expand our investment. We want to return as a stronger and more supportive part of the community. We want our associates to have jobs and an opportunity to build careers. We want our customers to have access to the things they need, especially fresh food, at an everyday low price. We want to be productive members of your community and expand access to opportunity for the communities we serve. We want to help support the tax base in the city. We want to see Chicago recover and thrive, and we want to be part of making that success happen. We want Chicago to be safe and successful. And we want to be your favorite store. So, we’re going to give this another try.”

P.S. Walmart is committed to supporting the communities it serves. Learn how you can work with Walmart in ways that support its social compliance efforts while also boosting your sales and profits. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation.

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