Walmart Announces Bonuses of Nearly $550 Million for Hourly Associates —

Walmart has announced special cash bonuses for its hourly associates, along with accelerated payments of regular quarterly bonuses:

“In addition to that special bonus for hourly associates, the company will accelerate the next scheduled quarterly bonus for store, club and supply chain associates a month early. When it pays out in late April, it will help provide more cash in hand for associates sooner. The company will pay those bonuses as if the company achieved its first quarter plan. At the regularly scheduled time for bonus payout in May, that amount may increase for associates based on performance. In no case will an eligible associate receive less than the first quarter plan bonus payment. The early payout will add up to $180 million.”

P.S. Walmart has strengthened its commitment to its associates over the past few years and this is just another example of that commitment. Learn what you can do to help Walmart and its team keep goods on the shelves by participating 8th & Walton’s live webinars.

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