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We’ve been keeping an eye on that famous, high-point Malbec that Asda was featuring in its stores. Now this story from the Washington Post offers some details on how Walmart sealed the deal on an absolute wine steal:

The La Moneda malbec is one of 60 such “distinctive labels” Walmart sells, including $3 table wines and more premium proseccos and other bubblies, according to Kurt Carlson, a wine buyer with Walmart’s adult beverage team. Walmart leverages its corporate buying power to partner with large wineries around the world and with importers and distributors here in the United States. Exclusivity is not so much a legal arrangement as a fact of life.

Supplier Takeaway

Walmart buyers are trying to reach Millennials as well as cost-conscious foodies and wine lovers. Sourcing a steal like this wine is what Walmart buyers are good at. What might you have to offer to Walmart’s new demographics?

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