Planning a Meeting or Event in Northwest Arkansas? Time to Visit Bentonville!

Do you work in Northwest Arkansas, or do you travel here for business? Are you planning a meeting or hosting an event around Walmart’s Made in the USA Open Call or the up-coming Walmart Shareholders’ Meeting? We’ve got great news this week from our friends at Visit Bentonville about making your get-together come together!

We’re podcasting to you this week from the newly renovated Meteor Guitar Gallery on the Bentonville Square. Our special guest is Amanda Khanga, Meeting Sales Manager for Visit Bentonville. If you’ve got an event planned for a few hundred attendees, the Meteor is just what you need! Amanda explains the features of the Meteor and how businesses can take advantage of its many updates for meetings and presentations.

We also ask Amanda about other facilities on and around the Bentonville Square to host events. She’ll give us the details on:

  • The “unconventional convention” to make your event spectacular
  • What makes Bentonville ideal for meeting planning in cost, cuisine, and culture
  • Multiple services offered when planning through Visit Bentonville
  • The advantages of planning events in the heart of the city, walking distance of so many attractions
  • Hosting get-togethers for all size groups, from a few to a few hundred

Is there something specific you’d like us to cover on our next podcast? Please contact us by clicking here and tell us what resources you need. Also, please subscribe to the 8th & Walton Conference Call podcast, or sign up to receive email notifications for new podcasts each week.

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