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Walmart Introduces Private Label Tech Accessories —

Walmart has introduced Motile, its own line of tech accessories: “The line, which the company describes as “smart accessories for an untethered world,” includes neoprene and faux leather duffels and totes, as well as phone cases, phone chargers and keyboards. Prices range from $18 to $138.” P.S. Interested in private label opportunities with Walmart or Sam’s Club? Our experts can help. Schedule a consultation today.

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Report Makes USPS Recommendations —

A U.S. Treasury task force is calling for postal service rate hikes: “The report, generated by the Task Force on the United States Postal System, recommends rate hikes in several categories of mail and parcels with a focus on package delivery. ‘The USPS has a dominant market position in B2C e-commerce segments and can take advantage of lower delivery costs and mailbox access. The USPS should price these competitive products to generate income rather than maximize volume.’” P.S. How will...

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Walmart to Test Robotic Fry Cooks — Yahoo! Finance

We recently reported that Walmart is testing robotic floor cleaners in some of its stores. Now we learn that Walmart is also testing a robotic fry cook: “In practice, a Walmart associate would place a frozen product on the rack. Using visual recognition technology, Flippy identifies the food in the basket and sets it in the cooking oil. The machine then “agitates” the basket by shaking it to make sure the product cooks evenly. When the food is finished cooking,...

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Doug McMillon Concerned About Tariffs — CNBC

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon expressed concern over the need to raise prices if China and the United States continue their trade war: “Walmart is doing its best to keep prices unaffected by the U.S.-China trade war, but if things escalate it could be a different story, CEO Doug McMillon said Thursday. ‘We worry about next spring, next summer, next fall what customers will have to pay if tariffs do escalate,’ McMillon said in an interview with CNBC’s Becky Quick on ‘Closing...

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Are Walmart and Amazon a “Duopoly?” — Business Insider

An analyst believes that the Walmart – Amazon rivalry could well result in a retail “duopoly” in which both stores dominate the industry: “‘Amazon is growing its physical retail business to better compete with Walmart; Walmart is growing its online retail business to better compete with Amazon. We believe a retail duopoly is emerging,’ Andrew Murphy, managing partner at the venture capital firm, said in a post late Thursday.” P.S. There is no denying the power of Walmart: Are you...

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Walmart Acquires —

Walmart announces another e-commerce acquisition: “We plan to operate the assets of as a standalone and complementary site – and then add their wide-ranging assortment to,, and This announcement is just another example of how we’re establishing as a specialty retail destination for the home – giving customers the inspiration and confidence to make a beautiful home possible for everyone. I’m so excited to welcome as a part of that mission.” P.S. Walmart...

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Walmart Pushes for Real-Time Credit Card Funding —

Walmart and Target are asking The Federal Reserve to develop a “real-time settlement service” that would make credit card charges immediately available to retailers: “The Fed had discussed actions that could aid in the creation of a faster payment system, such as the development of a real-time settlement service. Target and Walmart, as well as trade groups like the National Retail Federation, have reportedly long talked to the Fed about faster payments. Fed actions could potentially enable shoppers to make payments from...

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More on Walmart’s Robotic Mops —

The folks at RetailWire offer an analysis of Walmart’s decision to start using robotic floor mops. Will the machine-cleaners really free up associate time which can then be spent on working with customers or other tasks? “A post on the Walmart blog estimates that an associate spends two hours per day using the non-autonomous scrubbing machines currently being used in its stores. ‘Instead of riding the scrub machine, a Walmart associate can be tidying restrooms, dust-mopping the checkout aisles, or...

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Track Item Performance in Seconds, Not Weeks!

Do you have new items in the stores this season? Is it a struggle having to wait and track performance for analysis? Your data collection system may be out-data’d! There’s a faster way to track item performance so you can make decisions sooner rather than later. This week, we’re podcasting from the offices of IRI in Bentonville, AR. IRI’s Greg Chandler joins us for a fun conversation about innovation in data collection, tracking, and analysis. During our visit, we ask...

Read More Offers In-Store Order and Pay —

Walmart now allows customers to select and pay for in-store: “Just tap a nearby associate on the shoulder, and they’ll help you select the right item on their in-store device. After choosing to have the item shipped to your home or delivered to the store for free, you’ll receive a receipt or email that you can then use to pay at any register in the store. The shipping process begins as soon as you check out. It’s as easy...

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