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Walmart Launches Summer Entertainment Options —

  Walmart is launching two summer entertainment initiatives, an at-home, virtual summer camp and pop-up drive-in theaters at Walmart stores: “That’s why, today, Walmart announced two new experiences to help families make memories together, by reimaging how they can turn parking lots and backyards into ‘can’t forget’ experiences. The first, Camp by Walmart, is a free star-studded virtual camp that brings summer fun directly to customers’ own backyards, and the second, in partnership with Tribeca Enterprises, is a touring drive-in...

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Walmart Achieves Goal of Hiring 250,000 Veterans —

Walmart is proud to announce that it has met its goal of hiring 250,000 veterans: “Today, Walmart announced it reached the hiring goal with more than 265,000 veteran associate hires. Additionally, more than 44,000 of those associates have been promoted to roles with higher pay and greater responsibility at Walmart and Sam’s Club.” P.S. Walmart is committed to supporting service members, veterans, and their families. This includes support for veteran-owned supplier businesses. Our experts can help you maximize your Walmart...

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Sam’s Club “Accelerates” Tech Innovation —

The pandemic has accelerated Sam’s Club tech efforts, resulting in its concierge app that makes safe shopping possible for club members: “’Part of our DNA and part of our culture is rooted into infusing our solutions with great technology,’ Garcia said. It took Sam’s Club just six days to develop the concept and deployment of a concierge app, which provides quick and contactless shopping for consumers who need to buy essential goods in bulk. The ‘Shop from Your Car’ service...

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UFCW Asks for $15 Minimum Wage —

The UFCW is asking employers to pay workers a minimum wage of at least $15 an hour: “Frontline workers in the food-retailing, food-processing, meatpacking and healthcare industries should be paid a minimum of $15 per hour in light of the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the United States, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) said Thursday. The union also wants grocers and other employers that have ended “hazard pay” programs to restore the extra compensation.” P.S. Walmart...

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Walmart Commits to Chicago —

Walmart has re-committed to its presence in Chicago after recent social unrest: “We have reflected on recent events and decided we want to stay. And not just stay, but expand our investment. We want to return as a stronger and more supportive part of the community. We want our associates to have jobs and an opportunity to build careers. We want our customers to have access to the things they need, especially fresh food, at an everyday low price. We...

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Walmart China Uses Barcode Tech to Improve Food Safety —

Walmart China is using a new barcode technology that can detect temperature fluctuations in its food safety protocols: “Walmart China has teamed up with Varcode to provide the retailer with a digital technology that allows it to track the freshness of perishable foods by scanning a barcode using a mobile app.” P.S. Walmart is committed to tech innovation, particularly when it improves food safety. Need help understanding it all? Our experts can help. Contact us today.

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Walmart Sees E-Commerce Success — Yahoo! Finance

Walmart’s e-commerce division is moving from strength to strength: “The world’s largest retailer saw its U.S. e-commerce sales surge as much as 74% in the first quarter of fiscal 2021, mainly on strength in grocery pickup and delivery, and the marketplace. The company notified that it saw an increased shift to online shopping, given the higher stay-at-home trends. Certainly, the company’s long-drawn and concerted efforts to step up its online game paid off well.” P.S. Interested in selling more...

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Gatik Drives Walmart’s Middle Mile —

Gatik’s driverless vehicles have been supporting Walmart’s “middle-mile” deliveries for three years now: “Specifically, the three-year-old company is focused on so-called middle-mile delivery, the oft-overlooked leg between when, say, a sweater is trucked across the country and when it is ferried over the last few miles and dropped on someone’s porch. For three years now, Gatik has been strapping sensors all over vans and small trucks and moving groceries from large distribution centers to small warehouses, albeit with a human...

Read More Marketplace Seller Numbers Spike —

The number of sellers on’s third-party marketplace is growing, in part thanks to Walmart’s acceptance of the Shopify platform: “46,000 sellers sell on the Walmart marketplace. The marketplace adds 400 new sellers every week, on average, a number that has accelerated to 600 over the past few weeks as more sellers looked to diversify. It surpassed 1,100 last week as Shopify stores enabled the integration.” P.S. Interested in selling more on or Our experts can help. Schedule...

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More on Walmart’s Health Care Expansion —

Walmart’s efforts to expand its health care services has put competing retailers on notice: “Walmart’s had a pharmacy for years, but lately it’s been stepping up its game in the broader healthcare segment. In February, the company started offering healthcare services at a second store in the U.S. Customers near Dallas, Ga., and now Calhoun, Ga., can get a variety of services performed at Walmart, including dental, optometry, primary care, and many others.” P.S. Walmart wants to meet a full...

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