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Walmart’s Jetblack Takes on Amazon Prime — Motley Fool

Walmart’s Jetblack service may be poised to take on Amazon Prime, but not for the reasons you might think. The services operate very differently, and that may be Jetblack’s strength: “Jetblack’s initial success underscores a truism about Amazon Prime. For all its innovations and perks, the service also has its flaws and shortcomings. Prime is great for when you know exactly what you want, like a pair of socks, a kitchen gadget, or dog food, but if it’s something new...

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Analysts: Personalization is Key to Retail Success —

Retail analysts believe that companies need to focus on developing personal relationships with consumers rather than relying on promises of low prices or product quality: “Big retailers like Target, IKEA, Nordstrom and Walmart have started to adopt personalization. “Great personalization is vital in our digital economy. Most retail businesses don’t realize it but they are being rapidly commoditized. Competing on price, service, and product is a losing strategy, as those things do not offer a distinct competitive advantage anymore. True...

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Reports: No Amazon Supplier Purge —

Recent rumors that Amazon was “purging” suppliers and forcing them to sell on Amazon’s marketplace may have been the result of a misunderstanding: “David Hutchinson, the national director of paid platform merchandising at digital agency iProspect, told AdWeek that Amazon’s lack of clear communication did not help with the panic.” P.S. Maintaining good retailer relationships is critical to your business. You can learn how to use Walmart’s new forecasting tools in our new OT&IF Insights class. Sign your team up...

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Sam’s Club COO Gisel Ruiz to Retire —

Gisel Ruiz, COO of Sam’s Club, has announced her retirement: “Gisel Ruiz, chief operations officer at the retailer’s Sam’s Club division, is taking early retirement to ‘pursue other passions,; Bloomberg reported Friday citing an internal memo dated Wednesday from Sam’s Club Chief Executive Officer John Furner.” P.S. Does your supplier business sell to Sam’s Club? Learn how to improve your sales and relationship with your buyer from our Sam’s Club course!

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Walmart at SXSW — CNBC

Walmart’s Jeremy King is at South by Southwest (SXSW) this year: “Walmart’s chief technology officer, Jeremy King, is taking the stage at the annual conference to walk audience members through the latest technology — like virtual reality headsets and machine-learning-powered robots — it’s using in stores to get online grocery orders to customers as quickly as possible.” P.S. Walmart’s transition into tech innovation is permeating its entire culture. Do you feel like your supplier business is keeping up? Get in...

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Supply Chain Software Vulnerable to Hackers —

Supply chain software is increasingly vulnerable to hackers, a situation that should alarm suppliers and retailers alike: “‘Supply chain concerns went beyond apps and into the cloud and included malicious browser extensions, compromised Linux repositories, and multiple instances of back-doored modules. To address this threat, organizations are moving towards a transparent and trusted supply chain model,’ Diana Kelley, Microsoft Cybersecurity Field CTO, said in the report.” P.S. Are your systems secure? They need to be, because Walmart is increasing penalties...

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Retail Defaults Slow Down —

Many retailers have shut down, filed for bankruptcy, or suffered significant setbacks over the past few years. That trend seems to be slowing down, though there are still real concerns for some brands: “Over the last three years, retail has commanded one of the highest default rates among U.S. industries. While big names like Sears and Bon-Ton filed for bankruptcy last year, the spec-grade retail default forecast has fallen sharply from its peak of 19% in 2017 to 4.3% for a...

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Walmart Challenged by Online Sales Increases —

Walmart’s e-commerce business is on the upswing, creating logistical challenges that cut into profits: “E-commerce sales at Walmart were up 40% year-over-year at the end of 2018, but the company still has work to do on making those sales as profitable as the company, and analysts, would like, according to executives on the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call.” P.S. Walmart needs all-hands-on-deck in its effort to be successful at e-commerce. This includes suppliers. If you want to partner with Walmart online,...

Read More to Offer Same Day Fresh Fish Delivery in NYC —

Walmart’s is testing a new partnership that delivers fresh fish to consumers in New York City: “With this new partnership, Jet claims that it is the largest e-commerce platform to partner with Fulton Fish Market, and the only e-commerce platform providing same-day delivery of the market’s offerings in NYC, with Jet’s Bronx Fulfillment Center located a short 10-minute drive away from the seafood vendor. Customers must place their orders before noon in order to receive same-day delivery between 6...

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All Sellers Can Now Offer 2-Day Shipping — Business Insider

Third-party merchants are now able to offer 2-day delivery on “Since 2018, Walmart has partnered with Deliverr on a program to help third-party merchants sell items with Walmart’s green two-day shipping tag. Starting this week, any merchant can opt in to Deliverr’s services and get that tag on the merchandise they sell on” P.S. Are you selling on Will you be taking advantage of the 2-day shipping option? Learn how to optimize your online sales when you...

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