Category Archives: E-Commerce Sees Traffic Decrease — Bloomberg

  Traffic numbers at have decreased, possibly in response to marketing budget cuts. This has caused speculation among some analysts that the brand may be in jeopardy: “So long as Walmart’s numbers are strong it doesn’t matter what happens to Jet,’ said Sucharita Kodali, an analyst at Forrester Research. ‘This makes it easy to sunset Jet and focus on Walmart. I’m not sure, honestly, why Jet is even still around.’” P.S. If you want to get your products...

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Sales Tax Collection Case Goes to U.S. Supreme Court — CNN

The question of whether online retailers are obligated to collect state sales taxes has been a contentious one. Now a major case is going to the U.S. Supreme Court: “A reversal could mean that all online retailers must collect sales tax everywhere. It’s an issue that brick-and-mortar retailers insist will provide a level playing field with online competitors, and help to provide state and local governments with the tax revenue they deserve.” P.S. Walmart is already collecting sales taxes on...

Read More Gets More Selective — AdAge

Walmart is tightening its standards for platform sellers: “‘We’re focused on adding the best items our customers want from the best sellers,’ says Ravi Jariwala, a spokesman for Walmart. ‘In any given month, the number of new Marketplace sellers added to our platform may fluctuate as we continuously add new items and offer customers an expanding range of choices.’” P.S. Walmart wants to work with quality suppliers. You’ll develop a better understanding of what Walmart is looking for when...

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Walmart Adds More Pickup Towers & Lockers to Stores —

Walmart is adding more pickup towers, and lockers, to stores around the country: “Because of this success, we’re rapidly expanding this pickup program by adding more than 500 additional Pickup Towers to stores across the country, bringing the total to more than 700 by the end of the year. With this expansion, Pickup Towers will be available to nearly 40% of the U.S. population. Our customers have been clear: They love the Pickup Tower. But, they also told us they...

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Walmart Increasingly Matches Amazon’s Prices —

  Recent analysis shows an ongoing price war between Walmart and Amazon: “The most intense price competition is evident among major retailers Walmart, Target and Jet, whose average online prices combined are just 4.5% more than Amazon. Walmart is getting aggressive with price matching, offering identical prices to Amazon on more than half (53%) of all products — compared to 37% matched by Target and 35% by Jet, Profitero found.” P.S. Walmart is playing to win. This means that suppliers...

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Possible Bidding War for India’s Flipkart —

CNBC reports that Amazon may be interested India’s Flipkart, despite a long relationship between the e-commerce company and Walmart: “Flipkart is already in advanced talks with Walmart to sell a majority stake to the U.S. retailer but Amazon has held its own exploratory discussions to buy the company, India’s Mint newspaper said on Wednesday.” P.S. E-commerce is critical to supplier success. Take our E-Commerce course and learn how to sell your products on

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Is Locker Pick-Up Changing Whole Foods’ Culture? — RetailWire

The presence of Amazon pick-up lockers in Whole Foods stores may be having an impact on the Whole Foods brand and culture: “Three-to-five minute-long ‘micro visits’ have increased by 11 percent at Whole Foods stores that are outfitted with Amazon lockers, according to a study by inMarket, reported on by CNBC. The study looked at 98 stores in 10 markets with 76 having lockers. Stores without lockers in the same city experienced micro visit gains of only seven percent. Micro...

Read More Gets New President — CNBC has hired Tesco veteran Simon Belsham to replace Liza Landsman as president of “Belsham spent seven years at Tesco, one of Britain’s top grocery retailers, and worked at U.K.-based Ocado, helping the online supermarket company expand its nonfood business. He succeeds Liza Landsman, who announced plans recently to leave and join a venture capital firm.“ P.S. Do you have big e-commerce plans? Let our experts help you refine and grow them. Check out our E-Commerce course.

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Former Modcloth CEO to Leave Walmart — Recode

Recode reports that Matt Kaness, former CEO of Modcloth, has left Walmart: “Kaness joined ModCloth as CEO in early 2015 after a stint as chief strategy officer of Urban Outfitters. Under Kaness’ leadership, the vintage-inspired clothing retailer grew its private-label business and tested out physical showrooms. But ModCloth found itself in trouble last year as a debt repayment came due and the company was unable to secure new venture funding.” P.S. Walmart is doing everything it can to optimize its...

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Amazon Increases Costs for Suppliers —

Amazon is sticking suppliers with additional costs: “In a marked shift in strategy, the e-commerce giant is raising transportation fees for suppliers of beverages, diapers and other heavy, bulky products that are expensive to ship, say two people familiar with the matter. Amazon is also preparing to make it harder for shoppers to buy small orders of toothbrushes, soap, lipstick and other inexpensive items that are difficult to sell profitably online unless they’re part of a larger purchase, one person...

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