Top Business Apps and K’NEX

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On this week’s show, we run through the halls to catch up with Stephanie Funk, NWA Marketing Consultant and tech expert. You’re looking at your phone for hours each day, so you might as well be using apps that will make your life easier and help your business. Stephanie advises us on some great apps, and gives advice on better ways to use common ones.

We also visit with Ray Schlueter, National Account Director for K’NEX Industries. Ray was fresh off his first Focus on Suppliers interview when we spoke with him. Ray gives us a look at the STEM and STEAM Toy category and how e-commerce has influenced sales to this unique brand. He also gives a little advice to new suppliers aspiring to land that Walmart account.

Anything new in the headlines? Are you kidding? This is retail we’re talking about!

  • What is the next industry to go extinct in our lifetime? You may lose your shirt over it.
  • Is your company struggling with IT? A new survey shows you’re not alone.
  • Where did most Americans shop last year? And why is one of the biggest players and newsmakers barely in the top 20?

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