The 8th & Walton Conference Call — Episode 6

Walmart Suppliers, this week’s 8th & Walton Conference Call puts the “OH!” in OTIF! From MABD to OTIF and phantom inventory to zero sales issues, we talk to experts on this call that will help you through this transition period.

Avery Starks, CEO of Retevo, stopped by the studio this week to tape an up-coming Focus on Suppliers broadcast. Before the cameras rolled, we visited with him about the importance of retail merchandising, discussed the issue of phantom inventory, and learned how Retevo brings a fresh approach to resolving in-stock opportunities.

If you’re thinking about the new On Time In Full (OTIF) guidelines, you’re not alone! To find out what this means for suppliers, we sit down with Joel Graham, 8th and Walton’s Director of Client Services. Joel explains how OTIF will impact your current process, how you can improve your scorecard, and what classes are available to help your whole team. OTIF will be a big win for suppliers and customers alike, so now is the time to find out what resources are available to you.

Who has time to read all the retail news each week? Your host Jarrod Davis does, and he’s got the inside scoop on this week’s big questions:

  • What retailer posted an outstanding fourth quarter (their best since 2012!)?
  • Is 007 James Bond becoming a UPS driver, or is he designing their trucks of the future?
  • Amazon carries almost everything, but what new territory are they trying to conquer in the US?
  • Retail analysts posted dozens of advice columns last week, but only two ideas are worth talking about. Can you guess which ones?

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