The 8th & Walton Conference Call – Episode 4

Need something to listen to while you exercise? Want to get a little retail insight as you sit in traffic? Or, do you just want the boss to think you’re really busy, so you need to pretend you’re on a call? Then this is the podcast for you!

The 8th & Walton Conference Call is for the supplier and retailer wanting to learn about industry happenings and spice up their career. This week, we get a visit from Kristal Walton, Customer Marketing Manager for Mead Johnson. Kristal talks about how mentoring has helped her career and gives advice on building strong mentor/mentee relationships.

Also, have you used the chat feature at Did you know there’s a live team ready to answer your questions about Retail Link, reporting, and anything you need to know about up-coming classes? Jarrod Davis travels from the studio and around the corner to learn what’s going on behind the scenes of 8thandwaltonlcom/chat.

Finally, there’s always news flying about in commerce. Just as with any other week, we take a look at the ups, downs, and downright crazy:

  • Dollar General makes a big play for retail space this year
  • More brick and mortar stores get set to close as analysts give new insight on customer attrition
  • The National Retail Federation weighs in on 2017 consumer confidence
  • As sales aren’t delivering, Kellogg’s changes delivery
  • Are these McDonald’s and Domino’s stories real???

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