Taking a Hard Look at Soft Skills


Have you ever been told you need to work on your “soft skills?” What exactly does that mean? More importantly, where do you go to work on this skillset?

Our podcast this week deep dives on soft skills with an industry leader who coaches professionals at all levels. Kirk Baumann is the founder of Campus to Career and joins us this week for a great conversation on this much-sought-after quality in the workplace.

Kirk’s background ranges from working in Walmart’s Corporate Office with Campus Relations to years of Human Resource management. He coaches clients in soft skills at all levels: from students entering the workforce to seasoned professionals preparing for the next phase of their career.

In our conversation this week, we ask Kirk:

  • How do you define “soft skills?”
  • What’s the best way to improve the soft skills?
  • What soft skill surprises most people entering the workplace for the first time?
  • For a seasoned professional, what soft skills are most important to master to take the next step in our career?

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