Soft Skills Part 2: Too Soft?

This week, we continue our conversation with Kirk Baumann, founder of Campus to Career about soft skills in today’s workplace.

If you missed last week’s podcast, check it out by clicking here!

In addition to helping students prepare for life in the workforce, Kirk also coaches seasoned professionals on soft skill development. From that first job interview to leading a project, he brings his expertise to individuals and teams alike to grow in communication and collaboration.

One concern on many managers’ minds is: When do soft skills become too soft and interfere with performance? We tackle that one this week and get Kirk’s input on keeping the soft skills sharp yet maintaining professionalism.

In our conversation this week, ask Kirk:

  • What are the soft skills that will help us stand out in a job interview?
  • On that note, what questions should we ask at the end of the interview?
  • How do we keep soft skills from getting too soft?
  • As we strive to sharpen our soft skills, are we growing more afraid of workplace conflict?
  • How can we get in contact with Campus to Career to support our teams or careers?

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