Retail Analytics and Storytelling Part 1

Sales spike season has begun! Back to School (or Holiday 2 as retailers like to call it!) is in full force. Labor Day will see a nice bump and Holiday 2018 will be here before you know it.

New sales peaks and valleys mean more data to pull and format, but most importantly, interpret. The unsung heroes of behind-the-scenes retail are the Retail Analysts. Each week, they mine through rows and columns of numbers to tell the story of what’s happening, why, and what to do in the future.

Our guest on the podcast this week is 8th & Walton’s own Terry Clear. Terry has put together a unique class laser-focused on this area of data interpretation: Retail Analytics and Storytelling. There are many classes that teach suppliers how to pull and format data. In Retail Analytics and Storytelling, Terry explains how to see what the numbers are telling you and how to build a compelling case to take action with your team and Walmart buyer.

During the first part of our conversation, we ask Terry:

  • About his background working for Walmart
  • What “storytelling” really means for the analyst pulling the numbers
  • Where to look in the numbers to tell different stories
  • What the specific stories are to look for when forecasting
  • How to account for external factors contributing to low performance or even “unearned” sales

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