Out-of-Stocks Lead to Online Purchases — Quartz.com


Contrary to what some people believe, Amazon Prime members do shop in local, brick & mortar stores when they need an item right away. But if the goods they need aren’t on the shelves, the Prime member won’t hesitate to buy the item online:

“In this situation, Prime members are 52% more likely to immediately take out their phones and buy the item on Amazon, or elsewhere online. When finding out a product is out of stock, Prime members will buy it online instead 29% of the time, whereas non-Prime members will only do so 17% of the time. And, Buzek says, once the consumer makes their first order of any particular item online, they are far more likely to continue buying it online, and may not return to the store.”

P.S. The lesson here is simple: Retailers lose business when a product is out of stock. Improve your relationship with Walmart by keeping your product on its shelves. Check out 8th & Walton’s On Time In Full (OTIF) class today!

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