Nordstrom Opens No-Inventory Store — Chain Store Age

Nordstrom is following in Bonobos footsteps by opening a no-inventory store:

“The department store giant will unveil Nordstrom Local on Oct. 3, in West Hollywood, Calif. With a 3,000-sq.-ft. footprint, the new format is much smaller than an average 140,000-sq.ft. Nordstrom. It will offer such services as on-site tailoring, manicures, buy-online-pick-up in store, and easy returns. It will even boast a beverage bar.”

Supplier Takeaway

The inventory-less store places a huge emphasis on service over stock. Do you believe you’d be able sell your products through a model like this? If you are a B2B supplier, do you have products or systems that might benefit either product suppliers or retailers using this model?

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