Mini-Podcast! 6 Minutes to Becoming a Better Leader

Change always happens in business after the first of the year. As you’re trying to keep up with what’s new in your company, we’re bringing you a mini-podcast this week to help with your leadership skills.

Leadership advice is everywhere! It’s on your office wall, in your co-workers’ email signature, and those annoying memes on LinkedIn. This week, we bring you some solid guidance from one of the industry’s top experts on the subject of leadership.

Rich Lawrence is Vice President of Special Marketing with Helen of Troy. He also served as an Adjunct Professor of Leadership and Executive Instructor for the Sam M. Walton College of Business. He joins us for a few minutes this week to discuss the dos and don’ts of leadership in today’s corporate environment. We get his insight on:

  • Common mistakes made by first-time leaders
  • Why successful leaders may not do well leading all teams
  • Setting the leader apart from the micro-manager

Yes, it’s a mini-episode to fit in with your busy week, but definitely one you’ll want to forward to a colleague. Was this information helpful?  Contact us by clicking here and tell us how we can help with future podcast topics. We do this for you each week and value your input! Also, please subscribe to the 8th & Walton Conference Call podcast so you don’t miss any learnings and laughs!

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