Millennials, Fresh Produce, and The Air Fort!

What’s going on in this podcast? Just the usual: lots of information and craziness! Take a few minutes to catch up on the headlines of the week, learn how to improve your workday, and even get a little advice from successful suppliers.

This week, we had a fun interview with Ed and Luciana Hanley, the father/daughter entrepreneur team behind the Air Fort. If you’ve never seen the Air Fort, check out their website and watch the video. Ed and Luciana will tell us where the idea came from to make building forts in the home easier for kids and much neater for parents. They’ll also share some best practices for aspiring inventors and suppliers for bringing a new product to market.

We’ll also check in with Lainie Petersen in the WalmartNewsNow Newsroom. Lainie has the inside track on what’s happening in the industry, and will fill us in on:

  • How Millennials and Boomers shop differently for fresh produce
  • What suppliers need to know about marketing opportunities as produce trends change
  • How changes in food shoppers influence brick and mortar sales
  • And while we’re talking about it, what makes unique from other retail news sites?

Finally, has this week just been horrible? Are you drained from attending one unproductive meeting after another? We’ll take a quick look at what industry leaders say makes for a better meeting, and what is just a waste of time.

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