Keeping Items In-Stock Key to Traditional Retail Success —

Stores are doing a better job of controlling out-of-stocks in brick & mortar stores, but consumers may not be paying attention:

“The key to shifting the perception of in-stock challenges when comparing traditional to ecommerce retailers is to make sure that, first and foremost, customers in brick-and-mortar stores see great availability. When stores experience out-of-stocks, they must act quickly to offer a substitute, or at least make the shopper aware of the stock-out to prevent unnecessary frustration. Simply changing the shelf display to cover up the missing item could also leave the customer dissatisfied and reduce loyalty.”

P.S. Walmart knows the importance of making sure that goods are on its shelves. If you want to improve your in-stock stats, 8th & Walton can help. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.

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