It’s Walmart’s Turn to Lead — Finance & Commerce

Walmart has positioned itself in a leadership position as businesses and goverment agencies struggle to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic:

“Hefty investment in e-commerce, health care and its 1.5-million strong workforce have the world’s largest retailer poised to supply large swaths of the nation as governments and other businesses grapple to respond to the unprecedented threat. Rival Inc. stands to benefit as well, but Walmart can leverage its store network and clout with suppliers to gain a leg up.”

P.S. Walmart is no longer content to just be the nation’s largest retailer. This organization is now helping to lead our country through a difficult time. If you are trying to navigate the “new” Walmart, know that 8th & Walton’s experts can help. Book a consultation today. We also offer live online training classes that you can take from home!


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