Marketing Teams, Is the Right Data Behind Your Media?


Did you know that every piece of media you interact with is powered by data? As a retailer or supplier, are you collecting the right data about your customers to develop the best media marketing plan? Your new customers need to be reached through new media. Old systems and processes may be costing you sales dollars.

Our podcast this week focuses on new media and new ways to learn about your shopper. Michael Ellgass, Executive Vice President of Technology and Retail Media Platforms for IRI, joins us this week to discuss what’s happening in new media. During our conversation, we talk about better media marketing and ask Michael:

  • How was data used to power media in the “old data world?”
  • What does a retailer or supplier need to do to get away from profiles and start using personalization?
  • How does “new media” connect back to the customer and give more depth to their shopping habits?
  • Who is positioned today to win with new media?
  • How does the new media approach allow retailers to serve their customers better?

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