How Can I Increase My Walmart Purchase Orders?

As a Walmart Supplier, if you want bigger purchase orders (POs), what can you do? Can you increase your POs through Retail Link? Is there a process to go through the Walmart Buyer?

We get these questions about Walmart POs each week, so on this week’s podcast we’re delivering the answers!

If you have questions about your specific purchase orders and how to seek an increase, click here for a free consultation with a Walmart expert.

Our guest this week is Chris Koerner. Chris has worked for Walmart suppliers and now helps the supplier world on many issues including increasing purchase orders. It’s a hot topic as suppliers hit the holidays and begin planning for 2020, so we take a deep dive on Walmart’s PO process and the reality of getting an increase.

In our conversation with Chris this week, we ask:

  • What does Walmart base the size of purchase orders on for its suppliers?
  • Can a Walmart supplier manually increase the size of their own POs?
  • How does a supplier build a case to get a desired PO size increase?
  • What can the team at 8th & Walton do to help determine if a purchase order size increase is appropriate for the supplier?

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