Hummus-Based Salad Dressing on Walmart Shelves —

An Orlando supplier has got his innovative salad dressings on Walmart shelves:

“Walmart is the first place where O’Dang is placing its newest line of dressings, including six flavors: Ranch, Buffalo Ranch, Honey Mustard, Caesar, Roasted Red Pepper and Greek Tzatziki.

O’Dang is selling the fact that the dressings have fuller flavor than ‘low-calorie’ dressings. Because it’s vegetable-based, the dressings are said to be only 25 to 45 calories per serving. Wolfe says you can also use the dressing on salads, as a dip or as a marinade.”

P.S. Consumers are demanding healthier foods and condiments that taste great. They also don’t want to pay a whole lot for these products. Learn how to price your products in our Pricing Management course.

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