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Walmart Suppliers: Get Going on Project Gigaton

Walmart wants its suppliers to know that participating in its sustainability program, Project Gigaton, has its benefits: Caring for the environment, reducing costs, and meeting Millennial social compliance standards are just a few.

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Walmart and Covergirl Offer Online Makeovers

The challenge of selling makeup online is that consumers don’t have a chance to try out the product, or even see it close-up to determine whether the shade will suit. Covergirl and Walmart.com have teamed up to address this challenge by allowing Walmart’s online customers to virtually try out cosmetics online.

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Walmart Opens Tech Office in Austin

Austin, land of the hipsters, is now home to a Walmart tech hub. The office, described as being indistinguishable from any Silicon Valley startup workspace, is now a center of development for new retail technologies that power Walmart’s ongoing battle with Amazon.

P.S. Walmart went to Austin because it wants to work with the best tech talent in the country. This is a major investment in Walmart’s systems. Suppliers: You need to do your part by getting up to speed on all the data tools at your disposal. Learn how to work with Retail Link, manage analytics, and make use of Walmart’s Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) through 8th & Walton’s classes.

Amazon Launches Delivery Service

Speaking of Amazon, we’ve learned that Walmart’s rival has launched its own delivery service, competing with UPS and FedEx. It’s too soon to tell how Walmart is going to counter this, but for now, we can safely say that no industry is immune to the ever-growing reach of the competing retailers.

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