Food Trend Predictions for 2019 —

Food industry experts anticipate 2019 trends that embrace specialty diets, such as keto or vegan, as well as “functional” foods that contain probiotics. Unique, healthy snacks will also be on the menu:

“Among the predicted trends for 2019, faux meat and plant-based foods, such as mushroom jerky, meatless patties and more cauliflower-based foods, will continue to grow in popularity. Probiotics and gut-healthy food will be ongoing trends, with more manufacturers adding them to foods and beverages. Snacking is likely to be front-and-center, with more innovation expected around snacks for kids and more regional flavors showing up in snack products. Specialty diet foods to support keto, vegan, vegetarian and low-sugar consumers will likely appear on more shelves, and global flavors, organic and local products will play a key role in consumer food choices.”

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