Part 1: Preparing for Your First Walmart Buyer Meeting


Are you a supplier trying to get on the Walmart shelves? Not sure what’s going to be asked or required just before that first meeting? We designed this podcast for you because we’ve already sat on BOTH sides of that Walmart negotiation table!

Whether you’re a seasoned supplier for other retailers or if Walmart will be your first venture into stores/e-commerce, meeting prep is key. Because new suppliers to Walmart can be caught off-guard by requirements, questions that will be asked, and the upfront investment of doing business with the company, we asked our experts to lay out the “to-dos” in this week’s podcast.

Our friend Joel Graham, Director of Retail Link® and Sam’s Club Insights for 8th & Walton, is back on the show this week. Joel coaches Walmart Suppliers through meeting prep and has assisted with on-boarding suppliers after they receive their first “yes” from the company.

In our conversation, Joel gives details on what’s required before you try to set a meeting with the Walmart buying team. More importantly, Joel also prepares you for what to expect when Walmart gives you a “yes” and expects your product in the stores on the next modular!

Do you already have products in Walmart or Sam’s Club and need help with reporting, new item setup, OT&IF, or an up-coming line review? Our team of experts helps suppliers like you every week! Your first step in the journey is a click away. All you have to do is click here to let us know how we can reach you and we’ll make it happen.

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