Febreze Promotes Low-Scent Product on YouTube — Mobile Marketer

Febreze is using social media videos to tout its new Febreze One, a deodorizing spray that doesn’t rely on heavy scents:

“P&G’s Febreze is attempting to position itself as a lifestyle brand with the home-focused video series, a new dye-, aerosol- and heavy fragrance-free product and by focusing on the themes of cleanliness, freshness and happiness. An internal survey found that 90% of Americans think a fresh-smelling environment gives them a more positive outlook and can improve their mood and performance, according to the news release. The brand is also hoping to position Mowry-Housley as a reformed “scent skeptic” — someone previously shunned heavy and overwhelming scents — in an attempt to lend an air of authenticity to the campaign.”

P.S. Awareness of scent sensitivity has been growing in recent years, and Febreze has responded with a low-scent product. Monitoring social trends, as well as health research, is crucial to keeping your products relevant. Once you have a reformulated product, it’s time to talk to your Walmart buyer. A consultation with 8th & Walton’s experts can help you present your new product so that it gets on Walmart’s shelves fast.

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