Craft Beer Grooming Line Launches at Walmart —

Bröö’s craft beer grooming products are now on Walmart shelves:

The collection includes the Hydrating Condi-Shave Cream, a three-in-one soap-free, foam-free shave cream, as well as a hair and beard conditioner. It also includes the Hydrating Shower Session Wash for hair, body, face and beard, which contains malted barley as a source of B vitamins and hop flowers as a source of essential oils. The collection also contains the Hydrating Mug & Mane Lotion, which works as a three-in-one face lotion, post-shave balm and hair grooming lotion.

Supplier Takeaway

Craft beer shampoo and hair care? It sure looks like Walmart is targeting the Millennial and Gen Z demographics. What’s in your assortment that might appeal to these age groups? Have you shown these products to your buyer?

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