Couple Sues Pringles Over Ingredient Label —

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A California couple was dismayed to learn that their can of Pringles wasn’t flavored with natural ingredients. This alleged perfidy spurred a lawsuit over the accuracy of Pringles’ labeling practices:

With consumers being judicious about the ingredients in their food, they are starting to look past the natural labels on a package to discover things like sodium diacetate and malic acid, which is what mimics the natural flavor found in salt and vinegar chips. The clean label trend provides a major advantage for products that are able to strip down their ingredients to the basics. For those brands that truly are all natural, they would be wise to do all they can to communicate that fact to their shoppers on the packaging, through advertising and on social media.

P.S. Food product development and marketing is becoming increasingly competitive. Many suppliers are even starting to offer private label options to retailers. If this profit center interests you, check out our Private Brands Strategy class.

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