New Product for Walmart? Community Coffee Launches Digital First

As we draw closer to Walmart’s Made in the USA Open Call, suppliers from across the country share one hope: land their product on the shelves of the world’s largest retailer. However, whether you’re brand new to Walmart or a seasoned supplier, there’s an innovative tactic to launching your new items. As we learn this week from Community Coffee, debuting digital first has many advantages.

This week’s podcast is a great conversation with Ryan Schemmel, Vice President of Sales and Ecommerce at Community Coffee. As Community Coffee gears up to launch a new product, Ryan discusses the company’s decision to go digital first. Traditionally, Community Coffee goes straight to the shelves with debut items, but Ryan gives us insight on:

  • The new product and why this strategy was chosen
  • What research was done prior to selecting the launch method
  • How the uniqueness of the product contributed to the launch decision
  • What Community Coffee hopes to learn from shoppers launching digitally
  • Advice for other suppliers considering launching products digital first

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