Communicating During the Holiday Communication Blackout!

As a supplier, you know exactly what the holiday communication blackout means: no talking to stores!

Fourth quarter is hot for sales, and retailers want their store employees out on the salesfloor helping customers. At the same time, suppliers want to know their items have been delivered and set. Many suppliers want verification that a holiday feature is up and stocked when sales are low or at zero. Is there any efficient way to communicate direction to the stores during a communication blackout?

The answer is “yes,” and it’s an answer Movista delivers to suppliers every day. We’re joined on the show this week by Mike Edwards and Jez Green as we podcast from the offices of Movista. To help suppliers get direction out during the fourth quarter, we ask Mike and Jez:

  • What are the biggest reasons behind retailers going to a communication blackout?
  • How can a supplier still communicate direction to the field during a communication blackout from the retailer?
  • How does the Movista platform ensure direction has been executed rather than someone simply checking a box to get off the list?
  • How fast can a supplier get up and running on Movista’s platform to communicate direction?
  • What’s rolling out for suppliers from Movista in 2019?

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