Clorox Crowdfunds a New Brand —

By Osamak, from Kikstarter [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Clorox brand SoyVey decided to raise funds via a Kickstarter to help launch a partnership with a new brand:

As of Feb. 16, close to the end of their effort, Three Jerks and Soy Vay had raised more than $28,000 in pledges from 715 people. But as Mr. Simons sees it, “It’s less about we don’t have the cash. That was way low on the priority list.” The idea was to help foster a mindset of running as “entrepreneurial and scrappy, very much like the startup within the company.”

Supplier Takeaway

Crowdfunding is proving its worth as a customer engagement tool, even for major corporations. Have you ever tried crowdfunding a new product or brand?

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