Boxed Introduces Hot-Weather Chocolate Shipping —

There some items that just aren’t suited to e-commerce. For a long time, one of them has been chocolate, at least during summer months. Now, however, upstart online retailer Boxed has introduced new packaging that promises to insulate consumer’s creamy candies so that they arrive in perfect condition:

“Boxed, the online seller of groceries in bulk, says consumers can now eat as much chocolate as they wish regardless of how high the temperature climbs as it has come up with a solution that not only keeps product intact, but does so in an environmentally friendly way.

Boxed’s answer is using thermal packaging that enables them to deliver chocolates and other desserts within two days without the risk of a gooey mess.”

P.S. Retail innovations continue to make e-commerce as seamless as possible. Has a new technology or process made it possible to ship a product that was previously “in-store only”? If so, get in touch with us. Our experts can help you get your item on or

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