Board Member: “Walmart Feels Like a Local Business” — Yahoo! Finance

A Walmart board member recently opined that, despite its size, Walmart has a “local business” feel:

“At first blush, the Bentonville, Arkansas-based behemoth doesn’t have much in common with a small business. But Walmart board member and Nextdoor CEO Sarah Friar argues otherwise. “Walmart often is not portrayed well in the media…But in the reality of their soul, Walmart still feels a lot like a local business,” she said in an interview for Yahoo Finance’s “Breakouts” series this week.”

P.S. Walmart is working hard to be all things to all consumers, so it isn’t surprising that some board members detect a bit of “hometown” in its culture. Are you ready to improve your relationship with Walmart? Enroll in one of 8th & Walton’s classes today!

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